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Safety Procedures


Haider Saleh Al-Haider & Partners Co.’s safety policy is to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees at all times, and to do all that is reasonably practicable to protect their safety, health and welfare.


HSH Co. considers safety a top priority in its everyday activities. It is our policy to provide and maintain a Safety Program in accordance with HSH Co.’s Environment, Health Safety Manual consistent with the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients.


These commitments to the Safety Program will be firm, aggressive and shall be the responsibility of all line management to ensure that all operations are performed with utmost regard for the Safety and Health of all personnel under their direction. All levels of supervision shall be responsible to enforce viable safety requirement within their areas of accountability.


It is in the responsibility of every employee to support and promote the Safety and Health process in order to ensure a safe working environment.





Haider Saleh Al-Haider & Partners Co.’s primary aim of an effective safety and loss prevention program is to protect the life, health and safety of all personnel and eliminate the possibility of damage to property and equipment while undertaking a specified project.  Operating Management is responsible for the implementation of the Corporation's Loss Control Program.  It is a corporate commitment that accidents causing injuries to people, damage to property, or loss of product can be prevented. 


To achieve this objective, the following principles and practices will be applied:


  • A safe work environment will be provided by careful design of new facilities and purchase of safe equipment and by elimination of hazards. Where existing hazards cannot be eliminated, their harmful effects will be minimized through environmental controls, training in safe work methods, and by providing and requiring the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Sufficient qualified manpower will be provided to meet operating, maintenance and service requirements.
  • Employees' physical and mental abilities will be considered to ensure proper job placement.
  • Employees will be continuously trained to develop and maintain the skills required in their work.
  • Each employee has a personal responsibility to prevent injury to oneself or to others, and damage to property.
  • Communications between employees and supervisors will be encouraged to expedite handling of suggestions for the elimination of work hazards. The upward communication system is always available to facilitate safety suggestions.
  • All effective motivation methods will be employed to encourage employee participation in loss prevention and the implementation of HSH Co.’s Safety Manual.
  • Supervisors will conduct frequent inspections of their respective work areas with the intent being to discover any hazardous or unsafe conditions that may exist and to eliminate or correct such conditions.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to uphold a position in the market as a contractor whose reputation is built on the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing them with high quality services, which exceed their requirements and expectations. As specialist in their respective field, our team of professionals is dedicated to a standard of excellence for quality management sy...

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  • Vision

    To emerge from the position of domestic leader to leading global firm for engineering, construction, operation and maintenance services, heavy equipment services and project management by adopting best practices from resource to market with due care to environmental and social sustenance.


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  • Our Values

    Our core values are set out in our charters regarding business ethics, social accountability, quality, environmental protection, health and safety. 



    Provide construction, operation and maintenance services for ind...

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  • Strategic Goals

    Haider Saleh Al-Haider & Partner Co. (HSH Co.) standard offers comprehensive value-added services to create an environment that minimizes risk and maximizes returns for our customers - allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget with no surprises. Our collaborative project approach sets the standard for communication...

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Hadi Saleh Al-Haider President
Hadi Saleh Al-Haider

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Haider Saleh Al-Haider Vice President
Haider Saleh Al-Haider

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Mohamed El-Serafy Chief Executive Officer
Mohamed El-Serafy

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